Our Supporters & Tree of Life

Recovery International’s Tree of Life

Each morning when I come to work, I am greeted by Recovery’s Tree of Life. I have worked with many organizations that have used donor trees, but what I see on this one is different. Each leaf with an individual’s name on it represents a person who has been helped by Recovery. Then there are the lovely tribute leaves—made in honor of or in memory of special people—a family member, a mentor or leader, a co-worker. People who have made a difference in the lives of others, people who also have made a difference in Recovery. I am inspired by these names, these people, and I hope that we can help hundreds and thousands of others during the next few years. As we celebrate 80 years of Recovery International, I see we have about 80 leaves left on the Tree of Life. Let’s honor those who have already contributed to bring Recovery this far, and please consider making a special gift now to help Recovery reach a new, budding generation.

Thank you, Sandra Wilcoxon, CEO


(Brass $250/Silver $500/Bronze $1,000/Green $5,000)

Supporters of Recovery’s Tree of Life


In Memory of Miriam Fischer

For all who have kept Dr. Low’s work strong and vital, Thank you


Patricia Agletti, Life Member

In Memory of Dr. Marjorie Hare-Andrews – Ross L. Andrews

Southern Michigan Recovery – Area 90

Marcian Asby, Life member

Helene Baker, Life Member

Eleni Barber, Life Member

Kendelyn Beck – Life Member

Geraldine Beer, Life Member

Jerome & Joyce Beresch, Life Members

Phyllis Low Berning

Sally Bescak, Life Member

Sue Beyerlein

Jessica Bezemke, Life member

John Bousek, Life member

In Honor of Maggie Brandner – Annie Sattler

Aryeh Brodsky, Life Member

Cliff Brown, Life Member

Patti Bucher, Life Member

Thomas Burt, Life Member

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burt

Caroline Callery

David & Lori Cameron

Loy Candler, Life Member

Bobbie Candler, Life Member

Florence Carlson – Life Member

Jody Carter, Life Member

Laurence Chacon, Life Member

Gerald Chamales, Life Member

Jeanne Clawson, Life Member

Gary Collier, Life Member

Gary & Marilyn Collier

Delaware Place Bank

Dwight R. Fearins

Mrs. Jean F. Gadd

In memory of Kathy Garcia – John Roseheim

To my first leader Gerry, Sheila

In memory of Mary Gillen, Dan Gillen

In Loving memory my Dear Husband Manfred J. Herrmann, Joan Herrmann

In honor of Ralph Jungheim and Celinda Jungheim

In memory of Mario & Nino Lombardo, Dale Lombardo

North and South Los Angeles Areas

In Memory of Carmen Lupianez – Hector Solivan

CDR P. J. McCormick

With Gratitude Sheila Rabel

In Honor of John L. Rice, M. D.

Honoring my parents – Abraham Low M.D., Mae Willette Low


In Honor of Loy Chandler your Children and Grandchildren

In Memory of Jeanne M. Cortazzo – Recovery, International – Pittsburgh

In honor of Nathan Field, Piper Field

In Honor of Janet Gail – Tesesa Fistere

Phyllis Greenberg

In Memory of Bill Johns – Pittsburgh Area 160

In memory of Dennis L. Peterson, Todd Peterson

Recovery, Inc. was an answer to my prayers – Christy Ray

The Attendees of Rediscover Recovery Conference, May 2009

In Honor of Tom Sansone, May 1960, Start St. Luke’s Church, Cheektowga, NY

In Memory of Flo Smith’s Son, Art from Los Angeles – RI Friends

In honor of William Trusley for dedication to Recovery Area 132



Recovery Area 131 Suffolk County, NY

Dayton Ohio – Area 141

In Honor of all of our past and present volunteers, New England, Area 86

Judith Bakke, Life Member

In Memory of Hannah &Motel Barrow – Shellie Neumark

In Honor of John Barry from Clontarf Group Ireland

Martha Christine Barulich

In Memory of Kircher Bennett – Jeanette Bennett

In Memory of Adam E. R. Bennett – Grandma Jean Bennett

Pete Bensinger

Bensinger Dupont & Associates

Sally Butchko Bescak

Ms. Dolores S. Bihun

In Memory of Peg Boucher – Ruth Reynolds

Boynton Beach Recovery Group

Cliff Brown

In memory of Gerry Burgess, Aidian Hollinshead

John A. Burt

In honor of Nancy Carstedt, Kathy and Mike

In honor of our mom – Nancy Carstedt Love your children

Nancy Carstedt

Pittsburgh Area 160 – In Meory of Helen Cortese

In honor of Bob Dey, Meta Moder

Recovery International you have been my life line – Ann Dunbar

In honor of John Durkin friend in South Jersey

Michael J. Ellman

In Memory of Tibor Engel – Trudy Engel

Debbie Feldman

In memory of Kathy Garcia – Jean Butzen

In memory Kathy Garcia, Joan, Mary, and Rosanne

In Memory of Kathy Garcia – Sandra Glenn

Paul Geiger

In Memory of Paul J. Geiger

In Memory of Mary Gillen, North & South LA

In Memory of Lynne Gordon, North & South LA

In Memory of Thomas J. Hamann

In Honor of Celinda & Ralph Jungheim

In Memory of Madely Kendal & Jeanette Sawicki – K. A. Elicks

In Memory of Dorothy Kerchner – Greater Cincinnati – Louisville Area 140

Steven Lackner

In Honor of All Leaders & Staff – Charlotte Moran

In Memory of Patricia Lee – Dan Gillen

For Don Lee my personal angel – Celinda Jungheim

Ambrose LeJuene – Pittsburgh Area Leader 1956-1976

In Memory of Greg Liber – 1948 – 2010 – Area 145 Friends

Thank you Dr. Low for all your help

With Gratitude to Dr. Abraham A. Low – Kate Eliska

With gratitude Pat Mackenzie

Diane Matier

CDR P. J. McCormick, USN

Carlos & Louise by Trish McDonald

Doris B. Miller

In honor of Margarita Minnella, Mary C. Nelson

To Gerry Nobling In Appreciation for Loving Support – Gratefully, Joan

Bill Pearson, Loved Life, Loved Recovery, Inc.

Judith Pfeffer

Kimberly Piotrowski

John R. Pletz, Joan Rice

In Honor of Tuesday Night Phone Meetings – Noelle Poss

Rudolph B. Pruden

Thank you Mary Reetz for your many years as Area Leader in Central Florida

John Reimers

In Honor of Ruth Reynolds

Joan Rice

In memory of Murray R. Ritland, Jan Ritland

In Memory of Rev. Bernard Shannon, S. J. – Edward & Judy Derusa

SHARE! The Self-help and Recovery Exchange

In memory of Joseph Shirilla, Jr. and Mary Ann Shirilla

John C. Soderstrom In Honor of 25 years in Recovery

John B. Spalding

In Honor of Joan Spelter – Nancy Lethbridge

Mark & Terri Steinsdoerfer

Joe Strain, Ireland

Eva (Graff) Suchow

In Memory of Janet Svoboda – Northern Ohio West

In Honor of Louis Travis, Rosamond Travis

In memory of Ralph, Carolyn Vanderslice

Ms. Esther Wanning


Frederic B. Weller

Anne Welsh

In Loving Memory of Tom Williams – Nancy Lethbridge

Isabel Winsberg to my Dear Ruth