Online Meetings


Welcome to Recovery International’s Online Meetings. We are excited to bring convenient and confidential peer-support meetings right to your home using your favorite web or mobile device!

Click the button below to enter the online meeting portal and register for an upcoming meeting. Registration is quick and easy.

Click Here to view the step-by-step visual guide of the registration process.

– Enter your first name and your email address (do not forget to confirm your email address).
– Scroll down to hit submit.
– You will receive a confirmation email letting you know you are registered (if you don’t see the email in your inbox, be sure to check your junk/spam folder). The email will include the link that you will use the day of the meeting.

If you accidentally misplace or delete the registration email (it is average) you will receive a reminder email 15 minutes before the meeting start time. The link in the email will direct you to our online portal, WebEx, and you will be in the meeting!

*Please note that the registration process is not compatible with I-Pads or smart phones. However, you can use these technologies once you have registered for the meeting and the meeting starts.*

Enter Online Meeting Portal

We understand that from time to time you may experience technical difficulties during, before, or after a meeting. Please give us feedback and we will try to quickly resolve any issues. As we know form our RI training, ‘we cannot control our outer environment’.

We want the Online Meeting space to feel safe and open to all people and to reflect the RI Method. As with ANY Recovery International meeting we use the following guidelines:

* We do not use offensive language.
* We don’t offer advice, criticize, judge, analyze or make negative comments.
* We keep comments and spotting tools brief in order to have time for all to participate.
* You will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments.
* We don’t discuss politics, sex, religion, or legal issues in our meetings.
* We are not mental health experts or trained professionals. We are people who practice the RI self-help techniques. We don’t diagnose, comment or advise on diagnoses, treatment plans or your medications.

For questions and concerns about Online Meetings please email