Telephone Meetings

Welcome to the Recovery International (RI) Telephone Meeting Program, whether you are new to the RI Method or a long-time participant.

Telephone meetings are convenient and also serve those who are unable to attend community-based meetings due to distance, illness or other challenges.

Newcomers attend a FREE 6-session training course to learn the RI Self-Help Method through explanation, demonstration, and practice. Each session is 90 minutes long. Attendee participation is encouraged and meetings include a question and answer period. For further information or to register for the Training Series please contact Gilda (352-464-7232)

Literature meetings focus on reading and discussing the works of Dr. Abraham Low, founder of Recovery. This meeting is also useful for people with visual impairment or those who are reading challenged. See current schedule below.

Members-Only Telephone Meetings

For new members who have completed the six-week Intro to RI Training and understand the basic RI Method. Supplemental meetings are also open to returnees or community meeting members who have fulfilled the basic requirements. Members may attend as many Supplemental Meetings as they wish throughout the week. Participation with readings, examples, and spotting is required.

For members who have demonstrated a working knowledge and practice of the RI Method. Each member is allowed one Traditional Assigned Meeting and/or one Assigned Special Focus Meeting per week. It is required that you attend and fully participate in any Assigned Meeting a minimum of twice monthly.

For members who have demonstrated a working knowledge and practice of the RI Method and also struggle with chronic health issues. Each member is allowed one Traditional Assigned Meeting and/or one Assigned Special Focus Meeting per week. It is required that you attend and fully participate in any Assigned Meeting a minimum of twice monthly.

If you are interested in attending Supplemental Meetings, Assigned Meetings, or Assigned RIPP Meetings, call Gilda at 352-464-7232 or email   You will receive a response within 1 business day of your request.

Note: All meetings are accessed at the participant’s expense. Meeting times on the current meeting schedule are listed in Eastern Time. Adjust meeting time for your time zone.

Temporary Cancellations

  When Headquarters is notified of a telephone meeting cancellation in advance we will post the cancellation above. However, there may be last minute cancellations due to emergencies and technical difficulties that we may not be able to post in time. If you are unable to join a telephone meeting despite following the current schedule, adjusting to your time zone correctly, and using the accurate phone number and access code, it may indicate that the meeting has been canceled or there are technical difficulties. These are not permanent cancellations and your regularly scheduled meeting will resume once the cancellation date has passed.


Telephone Meeting Etiquette

Please follow the guidelines below on all telephone meetings

  • Arrive at the meeting on time.
  • Should you arrive late, do not interrupt the meeting; you will be given ample opportunity to announce yourself.
  • When entering any telephone meeting, press *6 on your phone to un-mute your line and announce yourself by first name & state.
  • Once you have announced yourself, mute your line by pressing *6 and remain muted until you are called upon or acknowledged by the leader.
  • When through speaking, please mute your line.
  • When un-muting your line, please wait a moment to make sure that you are not speaking over another person.
  • Should it become necessary for the leader to quiet the line more than twice, the meeting will be closed.
  • Questions will be addressed during the question portion of the meeting.
  • We do not allow cross talk on our meetings (Panel members interrupting the meeting by speaking out of turn to the leader or assistant leader or engaging in conversation with another panel member.)

Returnees & Current Community Meeting Attendees

If you are a RETURNEE to the Recovery International Method or CURRENTLY ATTEND COMMUNITY MEETINGS please follow the steps below to attend RI Telephone Meetings:

  • All interested parties must hold a current paid membership in Recovery International. If you do not hold a current paid membership you may sign up online, by sending a check to HQ, or calling HQ with a debit or credit card.
  • Anyone attending any of our telephone meetings is required to announce their first name and state to the leader. Should you be new to the phone meetings you may wish to check in as a listener until such time as you are comfortable enough to participate. Listening to a few meetings will give you an opportunity to become familiar with the structure and guidelines for Recovery International Telephone meetings.
  • Click the Meeting Materials section on the Resources Tab to download and print the  documents. Study these carefully, as they will serve as a refresher to the basic concepts and tools used in our Recovery International Meetings.
  • Once you have completed all the above you are welcome to attend the telephone meetings. Please e-mail to register and receive the telephone number and access code.

Online Meetings

Welcome to Recovery International’s Online Meetings. 

Meeting Formats

Webinar Format: These meetings will be provided in a presentation style format. All materials will be provided on the PowerPoint presentation; including readings which come from Recovery International literature.

Community Format: These meetings will be facilitated similar to a face-to-face group. All readings will come from Recovery International literature. Page numbers/chapters will be given at the start of the meeting. Please come prepared with your books.

Read these steps to understand our registration process.

  • Enter your first name and your email address 
  • Scroll down to hit submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that will include the link to use the day of the meeting. (if you don’t see it in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder).


If you experience technical difficulties during, before, or after a meeting, let us know and we will try to resolve any issues. As we know from our RI training, ‘we cannot control our outer environment’.

We want the Online Meeting space to feel safe and open to all people. As with any Recovery International meeting we follow these guidelines:

  • We do not use offensive language.
  • We don’t offer advice, criticize, judge, analyze or make negative comments.
  • We keep comments and spotting tools brief in order to have time for all to participate.
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments at the end of the meeting.
  • We don’t discuss politics, sex, religion, or legal issues in our meetings.
  • We are not mental health experts or trained professionals. We are peers--people who practice the RI self-help techniques. We don’t diagnose, comment or advise on diagnoses, treatment plans or medications.

For questions about Online Meetings please email

Chat Meetings

Chat Meeting Schedule

Sunday — Noon Eastern (11 Central) — John — Structured Meeting

Sunday — 4 pm Eastern (3 pm Central) — Edel — Structured Meeting

Monday — 6 pm Eastern (5 pm Central) - John- Structured Meeting

Tuesday — 3pm Eastern (2 pm Central) — John — Moderated Meeting

Thursday — 2 pm Eastern ( 1pm Central)— Lynette — Moderated Chat

Friday — 7 pm Eastern (6 pm Central) — Lisa — Structured Meeting

Saturday — 5 pm Eastern (4 pm Central) — Gus — Structured Meeting



**Please note this is the new Chat platform. click on link and you will be directed to the site.

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