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There are so many uplifting and inspiring stories of hope from people around the world who have used Recovery International’s self-help tools and support groups to change their lives. These stories are just some of the many ways in which RI can help you. These stories inspire and show that you can improve your quality of life today!

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I discovered Recovery International over four years ago. I was looking for help in a group type environment. What attracted me to your website before the current change was a quote that stated, “You are not alone.” I viewed a video of a woman who suffered from Schizophrenia. She claimed she lived a more controlled normal life all due to International Recovery. I was blown away by her comments on the video. What also attracted me was a listing of all the mental health illnesses Recovery International claimed to help people with. I thought something good would happen in my life if I gave Recovery a shot. I went to meetings for six months every Friday. The first few meetings was a gradual  understanding of Dr. Low’s “Tempermental Lingo.” Within the first month eighty percent of my struggles with fear, anxiety, and depression vanished. I also allowed Dr. Low to be my neuropsychiatrist through his teachings in his books. It’s just like the title in one of his books, “Mental Health Through Will Training.” I was willing and just needed the training. I also needed to remove the stygma attached to mental health. Meeting other people in the group meetings had me realize that I wasn’t alone. The group leader is named Dorothy who is very dedicated to her voluntary work at Recovery. I haven’t been able to attend meetings in over four years due my employment. But I still apply the Spotting and Recovery Tools when I get worked up over events in my life. It has helped me tremendously being able to cope again and live a more stable average life. I just want to thank Recovery International, its founder Dr. Abraham Low for a sound, tried and tested self-help program that has improved the quality of my life.
-Ruben M.