The Power of Me in 3

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About the Power of Me in 3…

Who is it for?

Every group-minded RI member that wants to improve their capacity to tell their Recovery International story in an easy and effective way.

What’s it all about?

Speak the three (3) words that describe you before Recovery And the three (3) words that describe you after Recovery. Hear some examples below…

Where and When can I use it?

Anywhere, anytime, any place! map no background circles

Why should I use it?

Because “Me in 3” is simple, memorable, and repeatable. Having all RI members using the same simple, memorable, and repeatable format helps us establish our RI Brand. We think this will help us:

  • Simplify and add focus our already powerful RI stories
  • Energize our meetings
  • Appeal to new members,
  • Attract potential donors, and
  • Increase fund-raising momentum

Okay, How?

Train your muscles, use will to effort, and share your story using “Me in 3” with at least 3 people! group-meeting-4 Materials you can use…

Share your Power of Me in 3 today…

Power of Me in 3
  • By submitting my Power of Me in 3 I give Recovery International permission to share for outreach and marketing purposes.