History of Dr. Low

Neuropsychiatrist Abraham Low, MD, graduated from the University of Strasbourg in 1913 and completed medical school at the University of Vienna in 1919. He obtained his license to practice psychoanalysis in 1922 in New York and in 1925 joined the staff at the University of Illinois Medical School to teach neurology and do research in the field of histopathology.

In January 1931, Low became head of staff at the University of Illinois Psychiatric Institute and went on to establish Recovery, Inc. in 1937.

Read about the life and times of Low in My Dear Ones, his biography.

What His Peers Say

Psychiatric News
Reading Notes
By Karl Menninger, MD

Many years ago when Bob Knight and I used to go up to Chicago from Topeka every two weeks for two hard days’ work at the Institute, we used to see a kindly, quiet-voiced, short-statured man who was polite and friendly but, we thought, rather persistently obsessed with starting an organization for persons who had formerly been patients in state hospitals.  It seemed a good enough thing, but not very exciting and I’m ashamed to say not very interesting to us.

Dr. Abraham Low was a member of our psychoanalytic society, of the American Psychiatric Association, and of the Psychiatric Institute of the University of Illinois–of which he was director.  But he and his project (Recovery, Inc.) were pretty largely ignored, except, of course, by the people who are legion whose lives were saved or fulfilled by it.