Harmony Quotes

Harmony Women’s Recovery Program, San Diego (December, 2016)

Harmony serves single and parenting women who have substance use disorders.

I’m grateful to Recovery International for:

  • It has helped me with my anger by not wanting
  • to explode. Spotting helps me calm down.
  • I like how RI’s main focus is on mental health!
  • I love the 4 Step Format.
  • Learning to recognize my emotions.
  • Process my emotions.
  • Endorsing for my efforts.
  • I like the spotting.
  • Learned a good way of looking at issues.
  • Easier to process my temper.
  • Decreased anger.
  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Improved communication between family
  • members and myself.
  • Gives me a meeting to look forward to.
  • Helps with anger issues.
  • Helps with anxiety.
  • Brought calm and peace to my life.
  • Reduced my anger.
  • Helped with my self-control.
  • Helps me to manage my daily life and the
  • feelings I experience in each day.
  • Has given me more self-respect and the ability
  • to express myself in a cultured manner.
  • Improved communication skills in all situations.
  • RI helped me interview for my job.
  • RI has reduced my anxiety in social
  • RI has helped me feel more calm.
  • Decreased anger.
  • Taught me to endorse myself.
  • Improved my self-worth.
  • Allow myself to be happy.
  • RI really cares about me; hard to find.
  • Helps me feel that my daughter is going to
  • be okay because RI will NEVER LEAVE ME!
  • Grateful for being introduced to RI.
  • These are good tools to deal with my
  • I am willing to change my negative thinking.
  • Decreased anger.
  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Improved family relationships.
  • Decreased temper.
  • Easier to talk myself down when in
  • More humor when it comes to my
  • trivialities which leads to more humor in the
  • rest of my life.

Harmony Quotes

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