Recovery Meetings Offer Your Patients:

  • Reassurance, fellowship and hope through meeting people with similar problems who have found how to live happier, healthier lives.
  • A safe place to express feelings without being judged.
  • Support and acceptance that may be lacking at home, work or school.
  • Learning and practicing life skills that encourage and improve personal growth.
  • Encouragement to keep trying.

A Therapist uses RI for Vets, Clients

My client is in therapy--how can Recovery International help?

Recovery International (RI) is a cognitive behavioral method that helps people address symptoms triggered by everyday events. In RI, we call these “trivialities”—it’s a way to recognize that many things that happen are not emergencies, and are not overly significant in the grand scheme of things. Calling these types of things “trivialities” is one of the tools we use to reframe our thinking.

While the RI Method is not therapy and is not intended to replace the role of the mental health professional, it is a powerful adjunct to professional care. By offering peer-led support outside of your sessions and by helping clients deal with everyday annoyances, your sessions can focus on larger issues and delve deep below the surface of causality.

The difference between RI meetings and other types of peer-led support groups is that our method is a very structured process—it is objective and succinct, not confessional in nature. Our leaders are trained in guiding participants through the 4-Step Example, and eliciting input from others using specific tools we call “spots.”

Developed by neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low, RI was originally designed to help his patients transition from hospitalization to life in the community. The peer leader model helps patients see that others in their situation have succeeded.

It is an additional tool for support of the therapeutic process. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me or join our next “Intro to RI” webinar for mental health professionals.

Steven M. Ferradino, LPC
Online Manager