My client is in therapy--how can Recovery International help?

Recovery International is a cognitive behavioral method designed to help indiviudals address symptoms triggered by trivial events. The RI method is not therapy and is not intended to replace the role of the mental health professional.

Often times a client has a wonderful and productive session with their therapist and leaves the appointment feeling better and more confident.

But then something happens that triggers symptoms. This could be receiving the wrong order at lunch, or they see something on the internet/news/social media, or maybe a colleague at work does not follow through on a request. Suddenly the emotions flare and now that confident client has lowered feelings.

At the next session instead of continuing where the last session left off, the client spends most of the appointment discussing these average everyday events that worked their emotions up; leaving little to no time to address the significant clinical work that had been the primary focus.

Recovery International provides a structured process and interventions to manage and reduce symptoms brought on by trivial events. Meetings offer additional interventions that focus on these average trivial events leaving time for the client to focus on the treatment plan with the treating professional. Meetings are led by trained peer leaders with lived experience, and are highly structured to follow specific steps--these are not "confessional" support groups.

RI is designed to be an additional tool for support of the therapeutic process. In meetings we do not discuss, legal moral or ethical issues. We do not address medications, diagnoses or give advice. We do not address events related to religion, politics, or traumatic events. We focus on practicing ways to deal with life's trivial events, which helps train the brain to cope with larger issues when necessary.

Recovery can be a support to all individuals: clients, family, friends, lawyers, doctors, and yes--even the mental health professional.

Steven M. Ferradino, LPC
Online Manager