In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, DillonMarcus is launching a ground-breaking online program to help employees improve workplace attitudes and collaboration. The program, titled “Spot-It™: Breaking Free From Stress, Worry, and Anxiety”, teaches a time-tested self-help system used by Recovery International (RI), a non-profit dedicated to helping people achieve better mental health. The Spot-It™ program is designed to address the needs and issues
of employees in all industries and at all levels by identifying and managing negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors that lead to emotional distress and related physical symptoms.
Recovery International has granted consulting firm DillonMarcus an intellectual property license to bring their cognitive-behavioral tools to the workplace. DillonMarcus is an award- winning provider of professional development content. Co-founder Evan Marcus has benefitted from the Recovery Method for years and states “We kept hearing more and more stories from our clients about the stress and anxiety levels they were experiencing – and with the permission to use and teach Recovery International’s concepts and tools, we knew we were well-positioned to provide a solution that would make a real difference.” Evan, who suffers from anxiety himself, is a fan and practitioner of the cognitive-behavioral methods developed by neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low in the 1940s.
The cost of the 9-module program with eight weeks of follow-up is less than $35 per session and also includes workbook printouts, reference materials and continuing education monthly webinars. (Nonprofit or corporate discounts available.) For more information, visit or

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